Compare Industry Performance with Proven Insights and Benchmarking Services

Establish a firm foundation for improving organizational health by discovering your current performance and how it measures up against your industry peers. Global corporations and leading private equity firms rely on Market Mapping LLC’s valuable insights, rigorous data collection, and industry-specific benchmarking services to solve complex problems, drive growth, and create lasting value.

Benchmarking Services

30+ years of benchmarking and survey data collection services

Drawing on 50,000+ data points and 600 discrete metrics spanning five continents, Market Mapping LLC is the recognized leader in motor vehicle benchmarking services. We apply proven methodologies and rigorous analysis to all engagements, helping clients across industries achieve a detailed understanding of performance strengths and areas for improvement.

Motor Vehicle Aftersales & Supply Chain Benchmarking

The aftersales business has always been an essential profit contributor for motor vehicle OEMs. In times of crises, the downstream business – especially aftersales – has been more resilient than new vehicle sales and has provided stability to OEMs.

Market Mapping LLCe focuses on aftermarket parts benchmarks for two reasons: the aftersales market contributes to an increasing proportion of total OEM profits, and aftersales is an extraordinarily complex business with multiple sales channels and regulatory limitations. Our benchmarking services reveal shifts in buying behavior that enables OEMs to strengthen aftersales program strategies to maintain or increase market share.

Custom Industry Benchmarking

Bespoke benchmarking services from Market Mapping LLC center around your organization’s real-world goals. Compare your enterprise’s performance to your peers based on relevant KPIs that matter to your organization.

Whether you are interested in exploring department-specific metrics or broad comparisons against your peers, we conduct deep analysis that leads to actionable insights.


Our annual surveys cover a broad range of topics around customer and employee sentiment to aid you in understanding and solving mission-critical aspects of your business.

We collaborate with you to design surveys that offer unsurpassed detail, relevance, and richness of content. By leveraging 75,000+ annual respondents across 50 countries and 15+ years of historical data, Market Mapping LLC surveys establish a critical feedback loop that leads to better-informed decision-making.

Capturing the voice of employees at every interaction point in the customer value chain helps you determine the effectiveness of current initiatives and pinpoint areas that require additional support. The result is meaningful data and insightful reports that drive action.

Automotive Parts Manager Surveys

Providing automotive OEMs with valuable feedback to improve dealer support

The Automotive Parts Manager Survey supports OEMs by delivering feedback to improve their dealer support in dealer fill rates, parts profitability, and purchase loyalty. The survey covers a broad range of parts topics – including:

  • Supply chain: availability, campaigns, delivery, RIM, damages, parts returns
  • Support: customer support, technical support, field support, training
  • Systems: catalogs
  • Sales and marketing: parts marketing, wholesale support, pricing, purchasing loyalty

This survey is updated annually to address strategic issues of rising importance. Recently, Automotive Parts Manager Surveys have included such topics as the impact of electric vehicles, e-commerce, Covid-19 implications, and wholesale customer expectations.

Automotive Accessory Survey

Helping OEMs identify opportunities to increase accessories sales

Focused primarily on vehicle salespeople as the target respondents, this survey solicits feedback on the full spectrum of accessory offerings/support provided by OEMs. This includes topics such as:

  • Digital selling tools
  • Product offering
  • Pricing
  • Training
  • Compensation/incentives
  • Field support
  • Accessories warranties

In addition, the survey solicits feedback from dealers self-described as “unengaged” in selling accessories to understand why and what changes could “re-engage” the dealership. This survey is currently offered for the automotive industry.

Heavy Equipment Parts Manager Survey

Improving dealer fill rates, parts profitability, and purchase loyalty

This survey supports construction, agricultural, and heavy truck OEMs in the quest to improve dealer fill rates, parts profitability, and purchase loyalty. The survey covers a broad range of parts topics, including:

  • Supply chain: availability, delivery, damages, parts returns
  • Support: technical support, field support, training
  • Sales and marketing: parts marketing, pricing, purchase loyalty

In addition, the survey is updated annually to address up-and-coming strategic issues. Recently, these have included topics such as dedicated delivery satisfaction, the impact of e-commerce, and an investigation of drivers of lost purchase loyalty.

Automotive Technician Survey

Improving dealer technician efficiency, recruiting, and retention

Across the motor vehicle industry, there is a severe lack of technicians, driven by difficulties in both recruitment and retention. The survey examines what drives technician satisfaction – training, tools, supervision, compensation, career development, etc. – and how these factors impact job retention. This survey also investigates relationships between various OEM support (training, tools, technology, rewards, etc.) and key output metrics such as repair orders per day or fixed-right-first-time.

Automotive Service Advisor Survey

Enabling OEMs to support service advisors in improving end-customer satisfaction (CSI), service retention, and dealer profitability

Across the automotive industry, service advisors have the highest turnover within the dealer fixed operations department. Yet, at the same time, advisors are responsible for more customer “face time” than any other position within the parts/service departments. This survey focuses on two key objectives:

  • How the OEM can help make advisors more effective (e.g., service initiation, training, technology, MPIs, express service, etc.)
  • How OEMs can help to reduce advisor turnover (e.g., satisfaction, compensation, career progression, etc.)

This survey is currently offered for the automotive industry.

Automotive Service Manager Survey

Helping OEMs improve end-customer service satisfaction (CSI), service retention, and dealer profitability

This survey covers a broad range of service topics – technical support, training, special tools, diagnostic equipment, service marketing, retention programs, field support, warranty administration, etc. In addition, the survey is updated annually to address up-and-coming strategic issues. Recently, these have included such topics as telematics, express service, mobile technicians, managing uptime, and service lane technology. This survey is offered for the automotive, construction, agricultural, and heavy truck industries.

Competitive Intelligence

Using innovative research methods and drawing on deep industry-specific expertise, our seasoned analysts examine the current state of your marketplace and how emerging trends and upcoming shifts will affect your enterprise. Evaluating competitors’ strategies and tactics against industry changes and evolving consumer expectations provides essential insight into the drivers behind their decision-making. This knowledge empowers you to take proactive measures to strengthen future positioning, allocate resources more effectively, and stay ahead of a shifting landscape.

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Leverage our uncompromising pursuit of knowledge to drive growth. Our rigorous approach helps you thoroughly understand markets, customers and competitors, uncovering essential intelligence that leads to new ideas and better decisions.

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We constantly optimize our research techniques, capitalizing on new tools and technologies to help clients gain more detailed insight into customers, marketplaces, and industry trends.

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We offer an unmatched continuum of insights, benchmarking, and strategy solutions that optimize business performance and accelerate growth.

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We bring real-world ideas, born out of research and rigor, to answer complex business problems and deliver exceptional outcomes.

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We strive each day to demonstrate our five core values: integrity, scientific curiosity, inclusivity, collaboration, and commitment.

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Benefit from our six decades of continuous knowledge refinement and experience serving large multinational corporations in the transportation, equipment, industrial, construction, medical, and materials sectors.

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