De-Risk M&A Transactions with Comprehensive Support from Experts

As trusted M&A support partners, our approach is rooted in proprietary, global market research and vast industry-specific networks. Leading global private equity firms turn to Market Mapping LLC for commercial due diligence, vendor due diligence (i.e., sell-side market studies), and consulting services to mitigate risks, expedite transaction closings, and advance post-acquisition growth initiatives.

Buy-Side Diligence

As competition for attractive targets increases, acquirers risk paying an inflated premium for an asset that ultimately fails to reach value projections. Failure to conduct sufficient due diligence exposes acquirers to undue risk upfront and creates a short-sighted perspective on the target’s potential. Working with an experienced M&A support partner is essential to validate investment hypotheses, profile the landscape of inorganic growth opportunities, and evaluate potential transactions.

Identify more compelling opportunities.

As leaders in M&A support for global businesses, we accurately determine granular market opportunities, outline critical forecast and market drivers, analyze competitive landscapes from all sides – and apply proven voice of customer solutions to support client deal teams. Beyond standard buy-side diligence, our industry consultants and advisors also identify actionable growth adjacencies and leverage our expansive industry network for platform additions. Upon closing, we implement a 90-day plan to realize investment hypotheses and accelerate value-added activities across commercial and operations teams.

Transaction Diligence Services
  • Voice of customer
  • Market sizing and forecast
  • Sector dynamics and trends
  • Competitor intelligence
  • Purchasing and supply chain
  • Products and technologies
  • Book of business analytics
  • Profit and margin segmentation

Sell Side Market Studies

To optimize a Private Equity firm’s investment as well as define the right business fit for company management, Market Mapping LLC’s M&A support teams provide valuable sell-side diligence services that position the business for its next stage through our consulting and market study offerings.

Uncovering organizational vulnerabilities late in the game risks compromising the transaction, potentially stalling acquirer interest that can compromise a company’s reputation and may negatively impact perceived value.

Improve your chances of a smooth M&A transaction.

For financial sponsors and owners looking to achieve a seamless M&A transaction, we develop a valuable assessment and outlook of a company’s positioning and growth potential through our proven sell-side study program. We harness decades of industry engagements, our expert networks, and proprietary data to provide robust forecasts, segmentation, and opportunity analysis that properly position the business for a successful transition.

Portfolio Value Creation

Today’s businesses face unprecedented challenges that require rethinking the traditional view of value. Understanding where opportunities lie requires adopting a more holistic integrated perspective that accounts for new factors in a changing market. But many businesses struggle to see the entire scope of challenges – or opportunities. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. Businesses in the process of targeting an acquisition, pivoting toward divestiture, or seeking to improve the performance of a specific enterprise must consider industry-specific variables that encompass past learnings, current strengths, and untapped opportunities.

Operate with confidence – from target to transaction and beyond.

As leaders in M&A support, we perform rigorous due diligence to identify and assess value-creation opportunities that help you deliver superior returns to investors. We bring certainty to your strategic decisions and business outcomes, accelerating inorganic growth opportunities and providing confidence throughout the M&A process. We determine ideal product adjacencies, markets for growth, and competitive intelligence.

Portfolio Company Support
  • Product adjacency mapping, prioritizing best-fit areas
  • Market sizing and segmentation of identified growth sectors
  • Product portfolio assessment based on investment strategies, return needs, customers, supply chain, and logistics
  • Scale and scope engagements to determine the financial impact of changes in customer share, capabilities, and capacity.
  • Competitor assessments comparing strategies, customers, technology, and more
Portfolio Optimization

Our clients look to our M&A support services to validate investment hypotheses, profile the landscape of inorganic growth opportunities, and evaluate potential transactions. We approach portfolio optimization based on investment strategies, return needs, customers, supply chain and logistics, and scale and scope engagements to determine the financial impact of changes.

Portfolio Consulting

We specialize in portfolio consulting for corporations, family offices, and private equity firms to determine ideal product or service businesses, explore adjacencies to current platforms, and assess market readiness for a transition. Working closely with business development teams and portfolio leaders, we research markets for growth and perform competitor assessments that compare strategies, customers, and technology to create viable opportunities with impactful results.

Inorganic Strategy and Targeting

Overcoming uncertainty and volatility in today’s changing global marketplace requires adopting more comprehensive methods of evaluating opportunities in context. A broader perspective provides the foundation for a healthy, long-term growth strategy in place of immediate gains. But getting to a successful transaction starts with clearly understanding and articulating your portfolio goals and measuring those against target opportunities.

See your options more clearly.

For inorganic strategy and targeting, our M&A support services include utilizing growth-thesis testing and working closely with business development teams to expand deal originations and define attractive segments for growth investment and expansion beyond typical opportunistic ideas.

Buy-Side Adjacency and Targeting

Our experts look for opportunities for efficient acquisition of platform companies.

  • Prioritize your needs to establish your objectives
  • Identify qualified, proprietary platform targets or portfolio bolt-on acquisitions
  • Leverage our industry knowledge and contact base to generate warm introductions
  • Build on previous transaction diligence or support management’s M&A strategy

Bring Certainty to Your Decisions. Improve Your Outcomes.

Leverage our uncompromising pursuit of knowledge to drive growth. Our rigorous approach helps you thoroughly understand markets, customers and competitors, uncovering essential intelligence that leads to new ideas and better decisions.

Seasoned Experts

We leverage decades of experience and proprietary insights to enhance revenues, improve margins, and mitigate risks our clients face in today’s changing global economy.

Innovative Research Techniques

We constantly optimize our research techniques, capitalizing on new tools and technologies to help clients gain more detailed insight into customers, marketplaces, and industry trends.

Comprehensive Insights Continuum

We offer an unmatched continuum of insights, benchmarking, and strategy solutions that optimize business performance and accelerate growth.

Growth Oriented Expertise

We bring real-world ideas, born out of research and rigor, to answer complex business problems and deliver exceptional outcomes.

Values-Driven Partnership

We strive each day to demonstrate our five core values: integrity, scientific curiosity, inclusivity, collaboration, and commitment.

Deep Industry Knowledge

Benefit from our six decades of continuous knowledge refinement and experience serving large multinational corporations in the transportation, equipment, industrial, construction, medical, and materials sectors.

Let’s Talk

With decades of experience in global consulting, strategy, and M&A support services in key industry sectors, we know what it takes to grow a business. Connect with us to discuss your goals.

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