Tailored Strategy and Consulting for Growth, Optimization, and Success

Market Mapping LLC develops transformative business strategies to navigate our clients through ever-changing marketplaces. Each strategic engagement is backed by robust data and involves purpose-built frameworks that help guide businesses to meet corporate objectives and deliver on customer expectations. Through our innovative strategies, we help our clients solve their most complex problems and deliver sustainable profitability.

Market Entry

 Market Mapping LLC offers customized go-to-market strategies to help organizations grow market share, penetrate new industries, and diversify their portfolios. Our extensive library of proprietary datasets and our unique insights into change management and transformation help our clients grow their businesses and enter new markets.

Reveal emerging trends and retain customers.

We maintain a constant pulse on the latest trends that impact our clients – from digitization to automation to leveraging big data. In this practice, we help our clients prepare for and address the headwinds and tailwinds that impact their businesses.

Customer retention is the strongest metric to determine loyalty and the health and sustainability of a given brand. Through deep expertise in customer behavior and ongoing trends, we help clients restructure their organizations, business plans, and programs to focus on customer experience and deliver on the customer’s constantly evolving expectations. These strategies represent a broad spectrum of initiatives that address existing pain points and re-invent processes to optimize all customer touchpoints.

Growth Strategy

Consistent, sustainable growth is a primary objective for every business — but achieving that goal is increasingly complex. With access to more information and data than ever before, many organizations struggle to translate fundamental knowledge into actionable strategies. Successful expansion into new customer segments, service offerings, products, or regions requires conquering uncertainty through a deep understanding of your customer, company, competitors, and market. This insight enables you to capitalize on opportunities and advantages while avoiding growth-inhibiting setbacks.

Clarity to grow. Certainty to succeed.

For over six decades,  Market Mapping LLC has continued our tradition of increasing the confidence of businesses facing critical choices against in a backdrop of uncertainty. Our growth strategy consulting services are backed by rigorous data collection and innovative research methods and are based on deep, longstanding engagement with the industries we serve. Guided by your unique growth objectives, we provide clear roadmaps for immediate and future growth.

  • Market entry
  • Emerging trends
  • Channel expansion
  • Customer retention
  • Service transformation
  • Market share growth
  • Retailer incentives

Bring Certainty to Your Decisions. Improve Your Outcomes.

Leverage our uncompromising pursuit of knowledge to drive growth. Our rigorous approach helps you thoroughly understand markets, customers and competitors, uncovering essential intelligence that leads to new ideas and better decisions.

Seasoned Experts

We leverage decades of experience and proprietary insights to enhance revenues, improve margins, and mitigate risks our clients face in today’s changing global economy.

Innovative Research Techniques

We constantly optimize our research techniques, capitalizing on new tools and technologies to help clients gain more detailed insight into customers, marketplaces, and industry trends.

Comprehensive Insights Continuum

We offer an unmatched continuum of insights, benchmarking, and strategy solutions that optimize business performance and accelerate growth.

Growth Oriented Expertise

We bring real-world ideas, born out of research and rigor, to answer complex business problems and deliver exceptional outcomes.

Values-Driven Partnership

We strive each day to demonstrate our five core values: integrity, scientific curiosity, inclusivity, collaboration, and commitment.

Deep Industry Knowledge

Benefit from our six decades of continuous knowledge refinement and experience serving large multinational corporations in the transportation, equipment, industrial, construction, medical, and materials sectors.

Let’s Talk

With decades of experience in global consulting, strategy, and M&A support services in key industry sectors, we know what it takes to grow a business. Connect with us to discuss your goals.

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